North Riverside, IL Family Dental Office – Aloha Dental Associates

Serving Riverside, Berwyn and Brookfield, IL

Since 2000 the North Riverside, IL area dentists of Aloha Dental have served area residents by building a practice known for being different from your average dental office. The doctors understand that many people are anxious about visits to the dentist, and as such, they have designed their dental office to put patients at ease.

When patients visit Aloha Dental they walk into a bright, cheerful space with a 120-gallon fish tank that fascinates both children and adults alike. All 10 members of our team are outgoing, personable and committed to going above and beyond to make patients’ experiences different from other dentists in the Riverside, IL area.

Drs. Engler and Baptist believe that communication with patients is the key to calming fears and ensuring the best results from any procedure. That’s why they conduct chair side consultations, getting to know new patients and spending time listening to the concerns of current ones. After an examination, the consultation continues with the doctors fully explaining what courses of action are available to correct problems. Patients are fully educated and involved in the decision-making process, giving them greater control over their own dental care.

To keep patients comfortable during procedures, we offer a variety of options such as valium, nitrous oxide and the celebrated STA injections. The injections are one of the latest innovations in dental anesthetics and our Riverside, IL area dentists are happy to use them to ease patients into guaranteed numbness. Though deadening the nerves in the treatment area, the injections do not impede speech or produce uncomfortable numbness following treatment.

Aloha Dental’s local Chicagoland area dentists are available to assist with a variety of dental needs. Both dentists perform all general dentistry services, including cleanings, crowns, fillings, sealants and cavity detections. In addition, Dr. Baptist is available for dental implants (placement and restorations), teeth whitening and other cosmetic dentistry services.

Whether you’re looking for a new dentist for your next appointment, are new to the area or haven’t been to the dentist in years, Drs. Engler and Baptist are ready to assist you with our patient-friendly services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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